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Planning For The Future Can Avoid Disputes

For 19 years, Kenneth Krohn of Krohn PLLC has worked with clients throughout Texas. Estate planning can be difficult to think about. However, without the right plan in place, it could lead to serious issues down the road. Make sure your loved one and your assets are protected by talking over the options with an experienced lawyer.

Why Is An Estate Plan Important?

Selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers list by FindLaw in 2020, Mr. Krohn knows how to get to the bottom of each client’s specific needs. Since opening his practice, he has handled complex cases revolving around contested guardianships and probate. It is because of this that he stresses the importance of having an up-to-date, accurate estate plan. He can help you establish guardianships, create and update wills, manage a trust and draft an advance medical directive. These decisions are crucial and could save your family time and money in the future.

One thing that sets Mr. Krohn apart is the fact that he is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. This ability for direct attorney-client communication is crucial, as it lessens the chance of misunderstandings. Regardless of your background, Mr. Krohn takes a hands-on approach in order to find reasonable answers. He understands that no two estate plans are the same, which means individualized attention can make all the difference.

Call Today For Experienced Guidance

In these cases, timing is of the utmost importance. It is best to gather all of the information you need as soon as possible. Prepare for the unexpected by talking over your options with Mr. Krohn. Call his office in Houston at 713-369-5930 to schedule a consultation today. You can also email him. Se habla espanol.