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Assisting Clients With Uncontested Guardianships

Navigating the probate process on your own can be quite overwhelming. Having an attorney you can trust is the smartest way to move forward. Since opening his doors in 2001, Kenneth Krohn of Krohn PLLC has helped clients from all walks of life. If you live in Texas and need experienced legal guidance, look no further.

How The Right Attorney Can Help

When it comes to probate, one of the biggest advantages a family will see is that the process is relatively streamlined. This means that if litigation is not necessary, things run pretty efficiently. Small estates, estates with a valid will or estates that qualify for Independent Administration of Estate can be handled easily by the right attorney. While it may seem simple, it is best to be prepared for any unexpected roadblocks. Mr. Krohn will do everything he can to keep things moving and address any errors, leaving you time to grieve.

In situations where a loved one wants to contest probate, Mr. Krohn also has your back. These cases are the reason he stresses the importance of having an up-to-date estate plan in place. When the necessary legal documents are filled out and filed correctly, it can save your loved ones from arguing in court. For example, guardianships can be set up as part of the probate process, which many people don’t know. This means a minor or incapacitated person will be taken care of after you are gone. Mr. Krohn can help you make these crucial decisions.

To Learn More, Call Today

Attorney Krohn is known for his hands-on approach. Selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers list by FindLaw, he is also recognized by his colleagues for his outstanding work. Put your trust in an attorney who has a solid reputation with people throughout the community. To schedule a consultation, call his office in Houston at 713-369-5930 or fill out this online contact form. Se habla espanol.