Resolving Family Feuds

Krohn PLLC, led by board-certified attorney Kenneth Krohn, works with clients engaged in intense family conflicts related to probate or guardianship matters.


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Fighting For Your Loved One’s Care Or Final Wishes

Members of even a close family can disagree on how to care for an elderly or incapacitated relative, or on what that person truly intended when they authored their last will and testament. If the disagreements become heated, it can be difficult to file for guardianship or to move an estate smoothly through the probate process.

Attorney Kenneth Krohn of Krohn PLLC focuses his practice on helping clients resolve complicated probate and guardianship cases. His legal background – which includes a board certification from the State Bar of Texas in civil appeals and time spent as assistant city attorney of El Paso – enables him to build legal strategies for your lawsuit that maximize your chances of winning.

Mr. Krohn can also help you with uncontested probate and guardianship matters. Both areas of law can be complicated. Having an experienced attorney at your side ensures you will be able to properly carry out your duties if you are appointed by the court to be a legal guardian or estate administrator.

Proactive Planning To Avoid Family Conflicts

Many family legal clashes can be stopped before they ever start with proper estate planning. Having an attorney advise you on your best options for transferring assets to beneficiaries can remove much of the potential for misinterpretation of your wishes.

Krohn PLLC helps clients draft essential estate documents that include medical and financial powers of attorney and advance medical directives, as well as wills and trusts.

Clarity can be priceless when it comes to estate matters. Mr. Krohn can provide you with peace of mind that you have prevented future family conflict and set your affairs in order before they are needed.

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